What to look for in a Cowhide Rug

You will find that cowhides range in all shapes, sizes, qualities, colors and styles.  We take great pride in our cowhides at Southern Elevation.  All of our hides hail from Brazil and go through an extensive tanning process, which is incredibly important when choosing a hide for your space.  All of our cowhide rugs have soft and shinny coats, minimal patching and their shapes are all intact and appropriately curved.  Our hides are without holes, and have minimal sores, patches or branding.  We know these hides will add much character and charm to your space and you can rest assured knowing that you have purchased the very best cowhides at Southern Elevation.        


Please let us know if there is a color pallet you are searching for in your hide and we will be happy to special order it for you. Email us at: orders@southernelevation.com